From cattle reared on crofts, machair and moors



What makes Wild Isle Bone Broth Concentrate different? 

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We are doing a little experiment and launching on a "Pay As You Wish" basis. We have set a floor price to cover postage and packaging - you otherwise choose how much our Bone Broth is worth. This gives us the power to offer it to those who may struggle to pay the suggested price.

We are a small family business and your generosity will allow us to keep cooking real food - and - develop regenerative grazing on the Isle of Lewis.

Bone Broth has been a staple in the Outer Hebrides from time immemorial.

Today, we source bones from croft reared cattle that range extensively on the lush machair and moors of Lewis and Harris.

We keep things simple. All we use is filtered water, local bones and sea salt. This is a natural, hand cooked product and consistency may vary - while keeping the same great quality.

We simmer in small batches for a minimum of 48 hours then bottle in glass jars. We even use glass lids. No BPA lined screw tops - no plastic used at any point. To open a jar - pull the little rubber tab to break the seal. If you do not wish to keep the beautiful Weck jars, please gift them to someone who can.

Our Bone Broth is gluten and dairy free, Paleo, GAPS and Keto and Carnivore friendly and low in FODMAPS.

Refrigerate after opening and use within 30 days. 

Add hot water to 1 tsp or stir into your favourite dish for a boost of flavour! 

If you wish to secure a monthly order and discount we offer a subscription service.

We post to anywhere throughout the UK - can't yet ship overseas but this is something we are looking into.



Grazing animals can actually build topsoil to hold ground water and lock carbon in – when managed properly. 

With profits from Wild Isle, we will use Holistic Management and Wilderculture on our croft to regenerate the soil. 


Reared by local crofters, extensively grazed on moorland and machair - the animals we select are high welfare and traceable. 


Wild Isle’s Bone Broth is inspired by the nourishing, nutrient dense diets of our ancestors.  

Perfect for people on Keto, Carnivore, Paleo, GAPS, AIP and WAPF diets. 


We believe that Healthy Land equals Healthy Food equals Healthy People.

Our family moved to the Isle of Lewis to have a crack at crofting. It's our calling - and a fantastic place to raise kids. 

If you don’t know where it is, have a look. Come visit. Amazing landscapes, contented cattle and close-knit communities. 

Canadian dentist and much-loved nutrition guru Weston A Price was massively impressed with the indigenous diet of people on Lewis when he visited in the nineteen thirties. Today, many in the Outer Hebrides still live in tune with nature’s cycles. 

The land here is wild and beautiful. We are committed to using profits from Wild Isle to develop our crofting and trial regenerative grazing techniques. 


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